Today I offer you an acoustic Justin Bieber song, and here’s why… This song has been taunting me! Though I can’t relate to the words (being lonely because of fame), the song latched on to me when I saw it performed on SNL. It’s simple yet passionate and the vulnerability just moved me. So I tried to play it and was surprised how daunting it was! There’s a million great cover versions of this song all over IG/YouTube, but for some reason I felt compelled to complete my own version.

After several attempts, here’s my pitchy agro angsty rocker take on the tune. (WARNING: there are some bad words!) The challenge was very much in the simplicity. The structure is easy, but the magic is in the vocal melodies and delivery. I gotta compliment the Biebs for this track. It’s a beast and was way harder than anticipated – def go listen to it if you haven’t.