Pre-Save “Soldier” by Dustin Tucker

Dustin Tucker’s newest single, “Soldier” will be available for streaming/download everywhere on Friday, March 19, 2021. Make sure to hear the single immediately upon release by hitting the PRE-SAVE link any time before release. By hitting pre-save the song will be added to your library and will be waiting for you the next time you open Spotify. 


About the Single: Dustin Tucker follows up his debut solo album, “Figurine” (Oct 2020) and his popular single, “Tiny Plastic Promise Ring” (Dec 2020) with another super catchy single entitled, “Soldier” – a tune that feels a bit like the Gorillaz & Foster the People hanging at some sort of Neverending Story themed school dance party. With this single, Dustin plans to reach a wider audience with its smooth groove, silky vocals, and passionate yet desperate lyrics of love. The song will be available everywhere you buy or stream music on Friday, March 19, 2021.

More about Dustin:

As a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Dustin Tucker’s music style can be described as a mix of rock riffage, soul/R&B, and groove-based pop/alternative music with catchy hooks, memorable melody, layered harmonies, and dynamic guitar builds and solos. Dustin can be seen performing with Pink Floyd Tribute, Pinky and the Floyd and is the son of late Montana legend, William Scott “Tex” Tucker.