Announcing the release of Dustin Tucker’s second full-length solo album, “Wilderness” – available for streaming everywhere on December 10, 2021 or by limited edition physical CD.

His debut album, “Figurine” was a beautifully uplifting collection of songs written during quarantine while maximizing time with his family and his music. “Wildnerness” on the otherhand explores the deeper, more passionate and desperate times that we’ve all endured throwout the past couple years. Relationships strained, friendships tested, jobs lost & gained… a strange & wild time where everything we know and trust has been completely turned upside down. And the common thread? Nobody knows what’s next. It’s as if we’re all living in our own little wilderness, searching for love, connection, and real-life. Bathing in the unknown, taking chances, and challenging each other’s perspectives. “Wilderness” explores these themes while staying true to Dustin’s classic vibe and writing style.

Dustin wrote, performed, recorded, produced, mixed, and engineered all the tracks on the album.


  1. Couldn’t Stop This Love
  2. Soul on Fire
  3. Drift Away
  4. Honestly
  5. Young Love (CA 88)
  6. Where’s My Hometown
  7. Every Time I Come Around
  8. I Gotta Know
  9. Sleepless
  10. She’s Coming Home