“Young Love” (Official Music Video) by Dustin Tucker

“Young Love” (CA ’88) is the 2nd Single off Dustin Tucker’s upcoming full-length album and features this stunning video filmed by Warren Kommers.



Dustin Tucker follows up his debut solo album, “Figurine”(Oct 2020) and his popular singles, “Soul on Fire” (July 2021), “Tiny Plastic Promise Ring” (Dec 2020) and “Soldier”(March 2021) with another single, “Young Love.” The tune is the second single from Dustin’s upcoming full-length album which will be released in Sept. 2021 and promises to be a fun addition to your 2021 playlists!

“Young Love” reflects on the first feelings of love, the first time you feel butterflies for someone, and the imagery that can surround these feelings in your adolescence. Growing up in Central CA, many of those initial feelings of love & lust can bring up scenes… certain smells, certain friends, certain troubles we got ourselves into. The song is smooth with a strong hook and a dynamic build. This will be the 2nd single from Dustin’s upcoming full-length album and will feature a lovely music video-style performance of the song.

More about Dustin:

As a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Dustin Tucker’s music style can be described as a mix of rock riffage, soul/R&B, and groove-based pop/alternative music with catchy hooks, memorable melody, layered harmonies, and dynamic guitar builds and solos. Dustin can be seen performing with Pink Floyd Tribute, Pinky and the Floyd and is the son of late Montana legend, William Scott “Tex” Tucker.